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Our mobile app has been updated. That means you will see an update notification on your phone either on the app icon or within the app store updates depending on your device. If you do not have automatic updates, here are the instructions for Apple and Android manual updates:

Mobile 4.0 Apple Manual Update Instructions

Mobile 4.0 Android Manual Update Instructions

This new update offers a smoother mobile experience than ever with an improved look with menu and navigation enhancements. It also includes full session fingerprint authentication for supported devices allowing users like you to log in with just a touch, as well as Facial ID and full screen support for iPhone X. It should be seamless with no need to change your login credentials or anything of that nature. With the CCFCU Mobile App* you can do everything you can when using a browser – and more!

Log-in Options: You can continue to log-in using your account number/username, password, and security question or take advantage of four other ways to access your account. It’s up to you.

  • Fingerprint: Enroll once and enjoy fast finger access to unlock mobile app features.
  • Face Recognition: Open your app using only Face Recognition. Your unique facial features are mapped and let you access your account without typing or saying a word.
  • Voice Activation: The set-up is quick and easy. Let the app learn your voice and you’re only a quick verbal statement away from full access.
  • PIN: No more typing long account numbers, passwords, security questions. After set-up, a short 4 digit PIN is all it takes.

Simply download the CCFCU Mobile App today!

*Please note, not all phones offer all biometric options. Mobile and data rates may apply.

Mobile Web Banking

If you have a web-enabled phone or mobile device, you have access to our Free Mobile Web Banking site. Simply click on It’s Me 247 Online Banking login button at the top of and you’ll be automatically redirected to a version of It’s Me 247 with views optimized for whatever device you are using.

For quick and easy access to your account simply download bookmark on your phone’s desktop.

  • Access your accounts to check balances
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Manage your accounts on the go…anywhere your phone goes!
  • Check (Share Draft) Image Retrieval
    Check image retrieval is available to members through Online Banking at no cost to you. You will be able to retrieve your check images using a computer, tablet or smartphone.
    To Retrieve Check Images:
    1. Sign into It’s ME 247 Online Banking account access
    2. Click on the checking account you want to see, either through Transactions or Accounts.
    3. Check transactions will be listed as Check Withdrawal under the description. To the left you will see the check number. Click on the check number to view your check image

It’s easy and secure! And it’s free!*

And don’t worry, you’ll use the same Username, Password, and Security Questions as on It’s Me 247 Online Banking to log in using your mobile device.

*Mobile and data rates may apply.