About Us

We Help. Your Financial Partner Since 1954.

CCFCU has the honor of providing solid, financial services for our members.

Sounds a little dry, but it isn’t.

We are here to help you. Help you save for your future. Help you pay for your groceries. Help you get a reliable car so you can get to work to provide for your family. Help you pay for the unexpected furnace repair so you are warm and safe in the middle of a Maine winter.

You help with your member loyalty as it keeps our cooperative wheels turning.

The Credit Union is built upon our partnership with you, our members. We are a cooperative, meaning everyone matters. Every savings account, every loan, every debit card. All CCFCU members’ products and services pool together to create one big, wonderful mass of “financial help”. Help to a fellow member who is wallowing in debt due to a harsh winter’s fuel payments or to proud new grandparents beginning to tuck money away for their grandchild’s education.

So really, this should say, “You Help.”

To all CCFCU members  – thank you for your loyalty.

The People Of CCFCU

As a not-for-profit  cooperative financial institution, CCFCU elects officials who volunteer their time and talent to serve the credit union. The CCFCU Board and Committee members are nominated from the membership at large, and voted on by the members at the annual meeting.

Board of Directors

CCFCU is proud to have a devoted group of members serving on the Board. The Board of Directors meets once a month to discuss the general direction and control the affairs of the Credit Union.

Chairman Gerald Caruso
Vice Chairman John Emerson
Director Jeffrey Mason
Director John Schwartz
Director Alexis “Lucky” D’Ascanio


Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee makes sure an annual audit is conducted and discussed by the Board of Directors and that appropriate changes are implemented.

Chairman Herbert Hoppe
Member Walter Ashley
Member Robert McCully
Member Alexis “Lucky” D’Ascanio
Member Jamie Mason
Member Linda Kirk


Management Team

CCFCU’s Management Team is committed to providing financial products and services that meet the needs of the communities we serve.  With years of experience and local roots, you can be sure that decisions are made with the best interests of your Credit Union, as well as your community in mind.

We would love to hear from you, to send an email to our Management Team, simply click on email address. Please remember email is not secure.


Scott Harriman

President & Chief Executive Officer
207.878.3441 x215

Karen Smith

Chief Operations Officer
207.878.3441 x220







Ryan Grund

Chief Financial Officer
207.878.3441 x214







Ross Biette

Senior Vice President of Information Systems
207.878.3441 x202