Elder Abuse Awareness

Knowing the Signs of Elder Financial Abuse:

  • Money missing from accounts
  • Unusual use of credit card activity
  • Unpaid bills, collection letters, or a lack of food in the home
  • Changes in mood or behavior (depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • Missing belongings

Don’t assume that someone else will report a suspicious situation. Here is how to take action:

  • Call emergency services (911)—this is especially important if you believe someone is in immediate danger
  • Contact protective services
    • In Maine, the number to call is 1-800-624-8404 (24-hour, toll free)
  • Create an FTC Identity Theft Report
  • Notify the older adult’s credit union or financial institution
  • Contact the nursing home ombudsman (if the victim is living in a nursing home)
  • Maintain regular contact

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