Mobile Deposit

CCFCU Mobile Check Deposit

Need to Make a Deposit? Use Mobile Banking!

Check out our CCFCU Mobile App*! Did you know we offer remote check deposit using your smartphone? The service is free! No need to mail in your check or come into a branch.

Simply download the CCFCU Mobile App today!

Members must first register to use this Mobile Check Deposit. Once approved, registration typically takes less than 24 hours. If you are having problems, call 207-878-3441 x260.

Mobile Check Deposit Helpful Tips:

  • Be sure to write “Mobile Deposit Only at CCFCU” on the back of each check you deposit. Failure to write this endorsement on the back will may result in  an automatic rejection of the item. If your deposit is rejected for this reason, please take the physical check and write the “Mobile Deposit Only at CCFCU” on the back and take the pictures and submit again.
  • Ensure that the check is “Properly Endorsed” meaning that the check must be payable to the same name(s) that appear on the account
  • Ensure that the photo of the check fills as much of the frame as possible
  • Ensure you have good lighting
  • Place check on a dark background
  • Destroy your original check after you see your check has been posted to your account

View Mobile Check Deposit Status

  • Tap “View Mobile Check Deposit History” within the Deposit Check section of the app
  • Checks will show as either “In Review,” “Approved” or “Rejected”
  • Please note that if there is an issue with the check requiring further review the actual posting time may be delayed
  • All check deposits are subject to review and holds

*Please note, not all phones offer all biometric options. Mobile and data rates may apply.