Other Loans

Prepare for the Winter with a Loan Special

Need a little extra this holiday season? CCFCU is here to help!!

Use the funds for heating expenses, holiday gifts, vacation expenses, or whatever you choose!

$700 for 7 months
7.00% APR* with direct deposit
9.00% APR* without direct deposit


$1500 for 12 months
9.00% APR* with direct deposit
11.00% APR* without direct deposit

Contact a loan officer to apply today!
207-878-3441 x250

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. All loans are subject to loan approval. Direct deposit must be present in account prior to loan disbursement in order for discounts to apply. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer valid from 10/1/18 to 12/31/18. Payment example: Payment on a $700 loan with a term of 7 months at a rate of 7.00% APR would be $102.38.


Every Loan Doesn’t Fit Into A Box

Sometimes you need money for something other than a car or house. That’s why we have “other loans”. Our Loan Officers will help figure out the loan category – all you need to do is let us know what you need the money for.

CCFCU’s Loan Officers are a different breed than other loan officers. Our Loan Officers specialize in loans and only loans. Our members – AKA YOU! – deserve a lending expert when looking to borrow money. Someone to advocate for your best interest. That’s what you get at CCFCU – Lending Advocates.

We’ll do what we can to get you the money you need – at very competitive rates.

Here’s just a small

list of “other loans” CCFCU has to offer:

  • Other Collateral – Motorcycle, Snowmobile, RV, ATV, Boats (and Trailers), Personal Watercrafts
  • Unsecured – Personal, Holiday, Fuel, Vacation
  • Line of Credit (LOC) – Overdraft LOC, Quick Cash LOC
  • Secured – Cash as Collateral
  • Build Your Credit – Credit Builder

Now is a great time to apply for a loan that doesn’t fit in a box!

Apply Today! Contact a Loan Officer!

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bonus: CCFCU is a locally-operated, member-owned, not-for profit, cooperative, organization. So you can feel good about borrowing from us.