VIP Catalog

Once you join Cumberland County Federal Credit Union, you’ll automatically begin earning VIP Points. These valuable points are redeemable for discounts on credit union services, refunds on fees, and credit union merchandise.

VIP Points accumulate month after month until you want to cash them in for the discounts or rewards of your choice. Track the number of points you’ve earned at a glance when you login to It’s Me 247 Online Banking as well as on your statements.

VIP Points Catalog (as of 6/3/2020)

You can redeem your VIP Points for these great rewards:
Points Refund or Waiver Rewards*
300 Refund up to $5.00 Foreign ATM Fee
400 Waive 1 Coin Machine Usage Fee per $500
600 Waive 1 SWBC Payment Fee
700 Waive 1 Check Copy Fee
700 Refund 1 Overdraft Transfer Fee
700 Waive 1 Visa Gift or Travel Card Fee
700 Waive 1 Cashiers’ Check Printing Fee
700 Waive 1 IRA/HSA Maintenance Fee
700 Waive $15.00 Shipping Cost for VIP Item
700 Waive 1 Statement Copy Fee
700 Waive 1 Printed Account History Fee
1000 Waive 1 Member to Member Transfer Fee
1200 Refund 1 NSF or Non-Return Fee
1200 Waive 1 Deposited Item Return Fee
1200 Waive 1 Hour Reconciliation/Research Fee
1200 Waive 1 Replacement Debit, Credit, or ATM Card Fee
1200 Waive 1 Stop Payment Fee
1900 Waive 1 Wire Transfer Fee – Outgoing Domestic Fee
1900 Purchase 1 Box of Checks**
2200 Refund 1 Late Payment Fee
3200 Waive 1 Wire Transfer Fee – Outgoing International Fee
3700 Reduce 1 Appraisal or Title Fee by $100 Home Equity Only
(up to 3 times per appraisal or title)
3700 Reduce Annual Percentage Rate – 1 New Consumer Loan by 0.25%
(up to 3 times per loan)
Increase Annual Percentage Rate – 1 New Share Certificate by 0.10%
(up to 3 times per certificate)


PointsMerchandise Rewards
175VIP Color Changing Cup
200VIP Kids Flyer
250VIP Beach Ball
250VIP Reusable Grocery Tote
350VIP Money Bag
450VIP Sticky Book
450VIP Dual USB Car Charger
500VIP Piggy Bank
600VIP Mobile Card Holder
750VIP Tumbler
1000VIP Campfire Mug
1100VIP Stainless Travel Mug
1200VIP Campfire Mug
1450VIP Plush Dog
1450VIP Umbrella
1500VIP Dog Leash
1700VIP Hat
2300VIP Plush Throw Blanket
2300VIP Mag Lite® Mini
3000VIP Coleman® Personal Cooler
5000VIP Car Emergency Kit
5100VIP Coleman® Quad Chair
5200VIP LL Bean Tote Bag
5700VIP LL Bean Fleece
5700VIP LL Bean Windbreaker
6200VIP LL Bean Duffle Bag