VIP Member Rewards

You Should Be Rewarded For Your Business

We think so too. Member participation is what makes us successful; CCFCU is a cooperative after all. Simply put – the more you participate – the more benefits you get.

What’s In It For You

With VIP Member Rewards, you are given the opportunity to earn or redeem points for lower loan rates, higher share certificate rates, reduce fees, and CCFCU merchandise. Check out our VIP Catalog! Plus, your monthly point accumulation will place you into a VIP Member Rewards level for instant benefits.

How To Get VIP Member Rewards Points*

Our VIP Member Rewards program rewards you based on the number of CCFCU products and service you use.  You receive VIP Points for many of the different ways you do your banking at CCFCU. The more CCFCU products and services you use, the more points you earn. Points are then used to determine your reward level and accumulate monthly to be redeemed for various discounts or rewards of your choice. Click here to learn more!

VIP Member Rewards Point Levels

Points accumulated during a calendar month determine your reward level for the following month. If your July statement indicates that your account is “Gold”, you can take advantage of “Gold” level rewards during August. While there is a possibility that your account may fluctuate between levels, most members with long term relationships remain very stable.

Bronze 0 – 59 Points
Silver 60 – 119 Points
Gold 120 – 179 Points
Platinum 180 Points or more


VIP Member Rewards added benefit:  Members living in the same household all enjoy the reward level of the highest point earning account!

VIP Member Rewards Chart


* Effective February 3, 2020. VIP Member Rewards Program does not apply to business accounts. Any negative savings balances or delinquent loans will result in a deduction of points.  Account status can change monthly. Benefits are subject to change without notice. Please review this VIP Member Rewards schedule in conjunction with Cumberland County Federal Credit Union’s Membership Agreement & Disclosure, Rate and Fee Schedules, and account agreements. Points expire 48 months after awarded.

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