2021 Holiday Fraud Tips

Tips to Protect Yourself Against Fraud During the Holidays

  1. Use legitimate sites when shopping online: There are signs to help indicate that a website is secure, such as “https” in the Web address and an icon of a locked padlock on the left side of the URL.
  2. Use a Secure Network: Connect to your personal Wifi. Remember that your phones and computers can be gateways to your personal information, so make sure they are protected with strong passwords containing numbers, letters and symbols.
  3. Monitor your accounts closely, report any unauthorized activity to your financial institution.
  4. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  5. Free trials are not FREE. These are subscriptions that will bill you monthly.
  6. If you receive a phone call from a company you do business with and they ask you for your account information, tell them you will call them back. Hang up the phone and find the number for the company on your statement or bill. Most companies or financial institutions will not call you and ask for your account information.
  7. Shred sensitive documents (Cumberland County FCU offers free shredding for our members at our branches).
  8. Use your pin number at point-of-sale terminals for an extra layer of security.
  9. Check for Skimmers on at your gas pumps. If the card reader looks like it has been tampered with DO NOT put your card in.
  10. Never provide access to your computer to anyone, unless they are a legit company that you have contacted DIRECTLY such as GEEK SQUAD.
  11. Never provide any passwords or online banking information.
  12. Avoid Banner ads or ads on sites such as Facebook. A lot of these ads are fraudulent.
  13. Do not open emails from people or companies you do not know. DO NOT click any links in emails from people or companies you do not know.
  14. Go with your gut if it feels fraudulent its better to be safe than sorry. Our members are always welcome to contact us with questions or concerns at (207) 878-3441 ext 260.

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